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PC Training

The Spring Workshop is a training workshop for Planning Commissioners.  This is a free event for WYOPASS Members and is ususally held in April or May. Spring Workshop 2012
 Top Level Professionals make presentations and lead discussions Talk with Commissioners and Planner from across the State
Dealing With Contentious Public Hearings (PCJ)   

Library Material may be checked out

Other Books Available for Checkout 

  •       Citizen’s Guide to Planning, 2nd Edition, 1979  (Herbert H. Smith)
  •       The Job of the Planning Commissioner, 3rd Edition, 1987  (Albert Solnit)
  •       Model Subdivision Regulations, 1975 (Robert H. Freilich & Peter S. Levi)
  •       The Planning Commissioners Guide, 1984  (David J. Allor)
  •       Rural and Small Town Planning, 1979  (Judith Getzels & Charles Thurow, Editors)
  •       The Zoning Board Manual, 1984  (Frederick H. Bair, Jr.)
  •       Welcome to the Commission! A guide for new members. 2000