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AICP Training Contacts:
Michael Surface, AICP
Gillette Senior Planner 
PO Box 3003
Gillette WY
307-686-5281, Fax 686-0952
Pepper McClenahan, AICP (WCC PDO)
PO Box 2066
Casper, WY 82602

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WyoPASS On Loan Material for AICP CM Credits
Design Guidelines for Small Towns and Rural Communities.  2006  Presenters: Laura Marie Minns, AICP; Binoy Panicker, AICP; and Gregory   S Hoch.  Planners often must turn traditional urban design principles inside-out to develop design guidelines for small towns and rural communities. This CD-ROM training package explores those unique approaches planners are using to develop commercial and residential guidelines that are mindful of small-town and rural character.  APA, 1.25 CM credits
Economic Development for Small Towns. 2004  Presenters: Matt D’Amico; David A. Wilcox, FAICP; and Thomas S. Lyons.  Small towns are challenged by the need to develop and maintain an economic base. Sometimes the challenges are so great that officials are tempted to accept whatever revenue-generating business or enterprise is available. In this program, you`ll hear how communities have learned to set their own agenda, found innovative ways of developing new business, reinforced viable existing businesses, and adapted to changing markets. What should a sound economic foundation be, and what are the sources of revenue that produce a more stable community? Hear case studies from around the country that illustrate differing aspects of this issue. APA, 1.0 CM Credit
Improving the Development Review Process. 2006  Presenters: James B. Duncan, Duncan Associates; Kathleen D. Field, City of Roswell, Georgia; Laura J. Huffman, City of Austin, Texas; and Michael Tassi, AICP, City of Henderson, Nevada.  Learn practical tips and guidelines for improving the development review process. Hear how communities of virtually any size can improve the flow of the review process without compromising on design quality or community standards for development 1.25 CM Credits
New Approaches to Economic Development.  2005  Several Presenters: Gail Goldberg; Paul Gottlieb; Rollin Stanley; Michal Kinsley; Emil E. Malizia, AICP; Deb Syndenham; and William R. Anderson, AICP; et al. Two modules from past APA live training events provide fresh insight into economic development plans and methods.  APA, 2.25 CM credits
Permitting and Standards for Wind Power.  2008  Faculty Presenters:  Erica Heller, Clarion Associates; and Ron Stimmel, American Wind Energy Association.  Small-scale wind turbines can generate substantial energy in moderate winds. New models can be mounted on rooftops, light poles, and even in backyards. As energy prices and environmental concern drive interest in alternative energy, where can wind turbines fit in urban environments, and what standards are needed to ensure compatibility? 1.25 CM Credits
Planning Law in Perspective. 2005  Several Presenters: Peter A Buschsbaum et al.  The legal landscape for planning is ever-changing and this CD-ROM training package covers the past four years of court cases, legislation, and challenges to planning law.  It is suitable for planners and officials. 5.5 CM Credits
Preparing a Downtown Revitalization Plan.  2007  Faculty Presnters: Lisa C. Nagle, AICP, Principal, Elan Planning & Design, Inc.; Melissa M. McManus, Director of Community Development, Village of Rouses Point, New York; Patricia A. Tatich, AICP, County of Warren, New York Planning Department.  Do you remember spending time downtown with friends and family-shopping, strolling, or going to the movies? You can recapture that vibrancy. Learn how to revitalize your small town downtown through the combination of physical improvements that enhance the historic setting and a targeted marketing effort to recruit new businesses.  1.25 CM Credits